Review submitted by pocharanya, 22nd April 2006 (Ref 155) Session date: March 2006
I have been a pupil at Beltems Academy for some 10 months now and in my latest class Miss Beltem s strength and expertise in controlling pupils and punishing low standards and wrongdoing without having to reach for any implement whatsoever very much came to the fore.

I had previously experienced being made to sweat in the corner or silent at my desk, knowing that the next thing I will be doing is presenting my hands to Miss Beltem s tawse, or my prone backside to whatever Miss feels is necessary, appropriate and best. Being made to wait knowing my fate is excruciating, and indeed on one occasion I could take no more and pleaded to be caned, despite Miss Beltem s choice of rod, a thickish, tanned brown pacifier a pacifier only when the immediate torments at Miss Beltem s determined and gifted hands are over.

I have had to be punished for breaking certain Academy rules and I will not have to be punished for the same again, Miss being so efficiently, and scintillatingly, Dominant. All the niceties of Miss Beltem s genuine conviviality and friendliness are suspended once class begins Miss Beltem is in control.

I sat belittled and sinking yet deeper under Miss Beltem s searing words, my eyes fixed upon my jotter and my encroaching fate Talking Back belt, tawse, paddle , as Miss Beltem ordered the number of each increased every time my futile pleading deepened my doom.

And so on with each offence, Failing Test four Making Jokes add two of the cane What would be coming my way? One of Miss Beltem s particularly fearsome Lochgelly two-tails? That particular cane that I dread?

And when it did come oh dear, oh dear.
Dismissed from class, I left Beltem s Academy suitably chastised, my hands and bottom chorusing Miss Beltem s disapproval.

I must do better; I know I am lucky; Beltem s Academy is a Fine Academy.

And Miss Beltem is a Wonderful Teacher. 
Submitted by Email-1  05/09/16

Relive your school days and be punished in the traditional effective manner...And heaven help you if you forget your homework!

A clean classroom, complete with blackboard, school desks and chairs, are used by Miss Beltem to soundly punish male and female miscreants who attend the Beltem Academy.

CP enthusiasts who relish the prospect of old style school discipline are met by the very charming and attractive Headmistress wearing her black gown. Any trepidation you may have before you arrive for your punishment will be doubled when you see that Miss Beltem is a very fit Headmistress who obviously relishes the task in front of her. She takes time to talk with you, have a cup of tea and perhaps makes you feel that you may escape punishment you won't!

When the time comes she really does become the dreaded old fashioned Headmistress who in days of old instilled genuine fear and respect in the classroom. She will pick up on the slightest misdemeanour whether it's making faces behind her back as she writes on the blackboard or forgetting to bring your homework. And when she decides punishment is required you really will wish that you had not misbehaved.

Traditional hand crafted tawses and straps are used with stinging precision either on the hands or of course your bottom. It goes without saying that you can guarantee being over her knee for a hand spanking and as a left hander she is a hard spanker.

Throughout your `lesson' it is impossible not to see her canes standing quietly in the corner ready to be brought out to reinforce Miss Beltem's message. The strokes are delivered with accuracy and the Headmistress will ignore any pleas for mercy until she is happy that you have learnt your lesson.

And when lessons are over and your behaviour corrected Miss Beltem looks after her pupils and sends them away happy with a smile on their face and Arnica on their behinds!

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